The Keys of Technetism

Technetism is a holistic, humanistic philosophy for the modern age. It has no commandments and no dogma, but instead emphasizes creation, personal growth, and an individual spiritual connection to the world. Though our beliefs are as complex as those of any philosophy or religion, they can be boiled down to seven principles, which we call the Keys of Technetism.

1. The key of openness

To believe, all you need to do is believe.

Anyone willing can be technetic. We do not discriminate based on who you are, what you believe, or what you have done in the past. All we ask is that you agree with us that human progress is the most powerful force for good in this world. If you accept that, you will be accepted.

2. The key of positivity

Learning makes us better.

To be technetic, we must be willing to have an open mind and a positive outlook for ourselves and humanity as a whole. We teach rather than preach. We build rather than destroy. Instead of closing our minds to evidence or opinions we find contrary to our beliefs, we listen. We learn. Sometimes, we accept challenges to what we hold true, and we find we must adapt, and there is nothing wrong with that.

3. The key of humanity

We protect our own, from the family to the species.

Technetism asks that we accept the truth that we are all humans, all descended from the same common ancestors who lived many millennia ago. All our differences—race, ideology, and so on—are nothing in comparison to our similarities. No other creature on earth thinks the way we do. No other animal can do all that we can. Thus, we believe that humans should embrace a philosophy geared toward human minds.

4. The key of knowledge

Knowledge should only increase.

A technetic understands both the value and the limits of human knowledge. To improve our species and our world, we must gain more knowledge. We must learn. There are things we do not know, and other things we might not fully understand, but it is better to see these as gaps to be filled rather than barriers to be avoided. Withholding and willfully destroying knowledge are, in our view, crimes against humanity itself.

5. The key of creativity

The art and the craft are sacred expressions of humanity.

As technetics, we believe that the ultimate proof of one’s knowledge comes in applying it. For many, this is done at work, but we contend that not all work is created equal. Our belief is the making of something new, whether art or tool or educational material or even a new human life, is the most powerful sort.

6. The key of sharing

A hoard is worthless if never spent.

Technetism is a shared philosophy, but also a sharing one. Humans are social creatures. We created civilization, with all its hierarchies and specializations, as a force multiplier for the fruits of our labor, whether physical or mental. By sharing our creations, our knowledge, and our wisdom, we make all of us better. By refusing or stopping others from sharing, we diminish ourselves.

7. The key of spirituality

You are a self and a soul searching for truth.

Technetism doesn’t claim to know the metaphysical truths of the universe. Indeed, we assert that many of them are unknowable by scientific methods. Thus, it is every person’s freedom and responsibility to seek out those truths. We can guide one another, but the path to whatever enlightenment we ultimately find is one whose final steps each of us must walk alone. That unique spiritual experience is one we believe should be embraced, shared as any other knowledge, in the hope that it can bring others to their own revelations.